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I've had several sections of heavy blogging in my life. Followed by even longer sections of silence.

It's always a bit of a challenge for me. Do I take my time and meticulously craft long-form posts that have well-thought-out ideas? Or do I just babble off the cuff and hope some of this is funny, hope people will sit through dozens of posts for one nugget of something worthwhile?

Another challenge has been subject matter. I used to do a blog that was about everything. Marketing, sales, comedy, technology. I realize that in attempting to appeal to everyone I was not appealing to anyone and I shut it down.

But now with a delightful new app that allows me to translate conversation immediately into text, I've decided to blog out my life as a comedian. All the things that tick me off, that I observe around the world, and I think are worth recording. So be prepared to hear about my poker exploits, my shows on the road, things that I noticed that are just plain dumb, and more.

#blogging #comedy #standup #poker #saskatoon #yxe #marketing #sales #return #technology #app #speechtotext #babbling #comedian

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