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So what’s up with this no eating thing?

If you’ve seen on Facebook recently, I’ve started a page to track my efforts to go all of 2018 without eating.

Click HERE to follow my progress!

I mean eating in the traditional sense of chewing and swallowing food. Of course I’ll still be taking in calories, but my primary source of nutrition will be Soylent, an excellent meal replacement I discovered years ago. I’ve gone a month at a time on just Soylent, but going all of 2018 will be a massive challenge.


Lots of reasons. On the superficial top layer, it’s pretty obvious I have an eating disorder. Daily cravings for fat, grease, soda, junk, all the killers. I’m overweight and while this new plan is NOT a diet I am hoping for some weight loss as a benefit.

But beyond that, there are some deeper fundamental challenges I want to explore. As a white, middle class man in a first world nation, what food means to me is very different than what it means to someone on the other side of the world. I’ve only ever had to decide WHAT to eat, not IF I will get to eat today.

I’ve heard many thought leaders say eliminating small choices from your day (like wearing similar clothes daily) frees up mental energy for bigger deeper thoughts and more productivity. I spend a LOT of time thinking about food, picking food, going to get food, eating food. There is going to be a very significant time gain realized in this process.

My wife is Vegan, and I applaud her efforts. I’ve seen the documentaries on where my food comes from, and it sucks to think about. While I don’t think I could ever become a true Vegan, I’ve also never really tried. Soylent is a vegan product so for at least one year a few less things will die and a little less stress on the global food machine is a good thing.

I also need to change my attitude about food. It’s seen as a gift, as a reason to meet, as a reward, as a chance to spend time with family, food is deeply rooted in our habits and beliefs. Can I resist the push of the expectations of society?

And finally, most of the food I eat is designed to be addictive. McDonald’s isn’t food by definition. I have enough chemicals and hormones in me driving me back to sugar, fat and salt that my mind screams for it daily. This is my form of rehab, I’ve got to get off what is quite honestly trying to kill me.

I welcome the critics and the supporters. I’m sure there will be days where I’m screaming my pain and desire to eat, and other days where I’m a smug holier-than-thou douchebag. Either way, if the end result is a healthier, more in control man that has a better chance of living longer for his daughter, then it’s worth every minute.

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