January 19, 2019

January 19, 2019

September 30, 2017

September 30, 2017

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Christmas Comedy in Saskatchewan!

November 22, 2017

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September 17, 2017

New York Fucking City!



Yes the f bomb was totally necessary there.


So yes, I’m going to Gotham.  And this is my blog about me so I’m going to be super self-indulgent here and spend a little time gushing.


To be asked to play Gotham is a dream come true.  My life has been revolving around this upcoming spot for weeks.  I’m stopped working on new material and brought myself back to the drawing board to think about all aspects of my show.


Comedians can be…..lazy.  I’m particularly guilty of leaning hard on my material, having poor stage presence, and not getting the most from every laugh.  I’ve taken this chance to re-invest in myself.  I purchased Steve Martin’s online Masterclass, and it’s got me going back to the Why and the How rather than the What. 


But as much as I’m getting introspective about this moment, I’m also savoring every single moment of it.  I’m planning several nights right in the heart of Manhattan, thanks to a $2000 travel voucher I won donating plasma.  Yes I am now literally bleeding for my comedy.  I’m going to meet as many comedians as I can, get on stage anywhere and everywhere, and freak out about finally being further East than Saskatoon.


I had two weeks’ vacation booked in Vegas in September, and I’ve used them as a chance to do American open mics and get the six minute set refined.  Seinfeld says he did his first set on the Tonight Show 200 times before the TV taping.  I don’t have the luxury of that much stage time so I have to make every opportunity count.


My wife turned to me and said “I really think you need to go alone on this trip and make the very most of the opportunity.  Here, I got you a new travel suitcase as a way of supporting you.”  Pure magic.


This blog will certainly act as a diary, running commentary, video travel book and a place to reflect through the whole process.  I honestly invite you to come on this trip with me via this blog.  I need travel advice, hotel tips (coupons or discounts would be even better), an audience for my set, suggestions, bad advice, all of it!


Finally going to god damn NYC.  Woooooooooo!


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