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Thanks for listening to my late night voice mail and checking out my site
I really appreciate you being generous with your time


10. Reward your staff with PROFESSIONAL stand-up comedy.

I've been doing this for over 25 years and he's played New York, Las Vegas, Esterhazy & everywhere in between

9. I made this two-minute video just for you!
(ok it's not just for you but it shows you all about me and I look sexy)
If you want to book me NOW call 306.229.5544

7. I customize the act for your company! No two shows are the same!

He does research into your industry, talks to your staff and makes it a unique experience for your hard-working team. 

6. I can work as clean or as dirty as you want!

No need to worry about him saying the wrong thing and upsetting the boss. Or, if you have a whole fleet of field workers who want the "late night" version, he can go there too.

5. I've been invited to Gotham Comedy Club in NYC, twice.


Maybe you want to email now and get your date reserved?

It's or call (306) 229-5544

Okay, let's keep going...


4. I know by now you're thinking "He's way too attractive, it's going to be an issue."

Don't worry! I'm completely aware of how hot I am, and I'll make sure to act accordingly.


3. Price! 

I can scale my budget and pricing to meet your needs!

So you save money, and have funds left over for... I don't know... streamers?


2. You're going to laugh! Hard!

Your team works hard all year - reward them.

Seeing a live show is a shared experience, it brings your staff together to share a moment, and you can feel good knowing you bought local!

Did you even notice we missed #8 above?

(Man, we're tricky around here!)


1. My family will THANK YOU.

Here's the family... just another reason to shop local. You are supporting Saskatchewan


You're now 100% ready to book!

Here's a handy box for all your info and inquiries! We answer everything!

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